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Satlogic Networks, LLC covers over 85% of the world's population, providing the benefits of satellite Internet communications to all the places you need. Click below to view our worldwide Business Satellite Internet, fiber and undersea cable coverage areas for commercial satellite solutions.

Galaxy XI North America Ku band
GXR Horizontal Uplink Vertical Downlink Ku band
Horizons 1 Ku band
SAT Mex 5 Ku band
PAS 1R uplink U.S/Latin America Horizontal Beam C band

Europe, Africa, Middle East:
AMC-12 Europe Africa Hemi Beam C band
NSS-6 Middle East
PAS 1R downlink Europe/Africa Horizontal Beam: C band
PAS 1R Europe/North Africa Horizontal Beam: Ku band
PAS 4 Middle East Europe North Africa Ku band
PAS 10 Middle East/Europe Vertical Beam: Ku band
Telstar 10 C-Band

Asia Pacific Rim:
Telstar 10 C-Band

Data Centers:
View worldwide data centers and teleports.

Undersea Cable:
View worldwide undersea fiber coverage.

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