Satlogic Networks, LLC offers 24 X 7 X 365 support for our solutions. We have a fully manned NOC (Network Operations Center).

For support requests, please send an email to, click view/submit ticket above or call 770.993.9054.

Satlogic Networks, LLC provides a network operation center to manage complex networks involving many carriers, countries, and circuit technologies (Satellite SCPC or MCPC, IPLC's, IP-VPN, ATM, Frame, Clear Channel). SLA management and reporting help target and rectify SLA faults, should they occur.

Information You Need About Your Network – When You Need It
Whether its 5 sites or 500, you can see what’s going on in your business at your convenience.

  • Administrative Remote Access Tools
  • General admin operational details: (see entire network from a single interface)
  • IP Address of remote and subnets info
  • Management IP Address
  • Real time power settings (TX Power / RX Signal Strength)
  • Uptime- days/ hours / minutes
  • Serial number and type of equipment at site (BUC, LNB, etc.)
  • Diagnostic visibility:
  • Remote unit temperature
  • LAN connection status
  • Usage History per site
  • Up to 30 days and importable into an MS excel spreadsheet.
  • Visibility to types of traffic
  • Assist in virus concerns and non business network usage by observing traffic patterns remotely (IGMP, ICMP, UDP, TCP, HTTP)
  • QoS Settings (including traffic prioritization), Latency Stats, UCP Info, IP Traffic graph tab, Sat Traffic graph tab and more.




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