Satlogic Networks,
powered by Todocast, provides a turnkey approach to streaming your event to the internet. All that you provide is a composite or component output from you video source.

The are four components to any rental opportunity:

HardWareOur Todocast system is mounted on a Chevrolet Tahoe that is self contained and may be operated from any available AC power source, generator or invertor. The variables for the hardware cost are the distance to the event site, the duration of the event and the option of a Todocast system operator (not required).

BandwidthThe satellite bandwidth required to broadcast the event to the internet via a satellite based connection; this may vary from 400 Kbps to 1.3Mbps depending upon a number of factors.

NetworkThe content distribution network requirements: this is dependent upon the number of anticipated viewers; the duration of the event and the bandwidth selected for delivery of the content.

BrandingUnique branding (skinning) requirements for the player seen by the ultimate viewer.